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Across most of humanity, the Bible is considered the single-most influential and important book of all time, for all times. But so much of what is in the Holy Bible is disputed amongst those referencing the same book. Someone quotes one verse, then someone else disputes it with another. Is it the Bible version causing the discrepancy? Or could it be that the passage in question was removed from its larger context? Or, does it just boil down to "personal interpretation"? The Bible gives us these answers, but not quickly or easily. For those of us without years of study; vast text, various translations, and vague allusions, make seeking answers daunting and inefficient to the point that we may put a pressing curiosity on an eternal backburner. is the site that changes all this, placing the Word- and all the words- of the Bible at your fingertips! Search a word or phrase and Biblewise delivers its each and every Scriptural occurrence. And; even more empowering, Biblewise features its own artificial intelligence technology trained across multiple versions of the Bible. We call it, Prophet AI. Going beyond just search, Prophet AI answers questions in complete sentences fully derived from the Bible. Simply type in your question, phrasing it in natural conversational form, and Prophet AI provides an answer with references to passages in the Bible where the answer was sources from. Allowing anyone to both quickly and easily start the journey towards understanding on a given Bible subject and organically dig deeper into the context of the given answer over time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Biblewise is non-denominational. We do not represent any church or religious body. We do not promote any idealogy beyond following the message that God left us - through the writings in the Bible - in a responsible manner. Additionally, please note that we do not support any form of discrimination under any circumstance. Nothing you read as part of this site is meant to be interpreted as hate speech and should not be treated as such. If you receive any links or references from this site used in any way as proof of hate or to incite violence towards any party, please note that it does not come from us and is not a part of our mission. We are here to spread love as Jesus did.
No. Biblewise is a not for profit organization. Like Jesus, who gave his message freely to people we propagate that glorious message to you at no cost.
It takes a lot to run this site so yes we do, but we need to know who you are and why you are donating. We will NEVER promote any agenda outside of our core mission - which is serving God by propagating His message. If you are okay with that then we welcome the help.
Biblewise pulls its data from 7 bible versions. Our AI (Prophet) has been trained to respond to your questions in a conversational manner but nothing that it says comes from any other source but the Bible.
If you are interested in assisting us with our mission of spreading the word of God, you can reach out to us at
No. And there never will be. You can get a Gideon bible for free in any hotel. You can get Biblewise for free on any platform.